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Glass magnets measure approx 1 1/4" in diameter with a strong round magnet on back. They hold up notes, postcards, and pictures easily.  I can make magnets out of just about anything!  Patterned paper, printed words on paper, map, stickers, and other media or print like magazines.  I can also accommodate most requests; so if you have an idea or specific need- just ask me and I'll try to make it happen. 


This was a fun set to make.  I have a variety of big cities available (NYC, Paris, San Francisco) and countries like England, Spain, or Mexico.   Don't forget states too: Texas has so many fun options to make magnets out of and other locations are available as well




I also can make custom map magnets that come in a map covered sliding box like this set pictured below.  These make for great gifts or for you to keep those specials locations close to you!  I have even had one cool request: to put the day of the week on a specific city.  Each day represented a city across the country!










Below are some more favorites as well as my official disclaimer!   

Please note: magnets may contain small bubbles which are part of the creative process; they do not detract from the fun and functional magnets in any way.

**As always with magnets and items with small parts- not suitable for small children**